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Please scan or click the Venmo button below or click the donate button to use PayPal to donate. 

  Support or Sponsor the Ai 

Please scan or click the Venmo button above or click the donate button to use PayPal to donate

Thank you for your support!

We have dedicated significant volunteer time to this endeavor. We ask your support to continue this effort to engage more university educators and expand to continuing education. We intend to continue our focus on volunteer efforts. The funds we raise will primarily cover direct expenses for communication, our website, and developing version 2 of the Body of Knowledge.

  • $25: help us to sustain our website, pay incorporation fees, and maintain the resources we have produced over the years
  • $50: help us to conduct monthly webinars and bring industry leaders and prominent educators to share insights and wisdom. You will be prominently listed for a year as a sponsor or anonymous supporter if you so desire.
  • $100: help us develop monthly newsletters and communications to keep you stay at the forefront of BIM implementation. You will be prominently listed for a year as a sponsor or anonymous supporter if you so desire.
  • $200: help us host an annual symposium/think-tank workshop to undertake applied research to promote education and training curricula that can be integrated with professional and educational communities.  You will be prominently listed for a year as a sponsor or anonymous supporter if you so desire.
  • $1,000: Be a sponsor of the AiC and participate in special sessions to help determine future efforts. Your logo will be posted on our website as a sponsor for a year if you so desire.
  • $5,000: Be a benefactor of the AiC and help ensure that BIM education is genuinely transformed. Your logo will be posted on our website as a benefactor for a year if you so desire.
  • Any of these amounts can be set up as a recurring donation.

Want to know more?

AiC is a 501c3 Non-profit Corporation

The AiC has been supporting the transformation of BIM education since 2006.

·         The AiC is an all-volunteer organization. 100% of your donation go towards the expenses to improve BIM education

·         We do not charge a membership fee as we want to involve the most academic members possible.

·         The AiC began as a spinoff from the National Institute of Building Sciences - Facility Information Council/buildingSMART Alliance. It became an independent organization when the scope and activities expanded in 2015.

·         The AiC held self-supporting annual symposiums until the pandemic and published academic papers related to BIM education presented during the symposiums. Over 100 academic papers were contributed.

·         A BIM Body of Knowledge was developed over five years and was published in 2017.

·         Wiley published our book in 2021 entitled Developing BIM Talent: A Guide to the BIM Body of Knowledge with Metrics, KSAs, and Learning Outcomes. It provides an in-depth understanding of the BIM BOK for educators.

·         The AiC has a guest speaker program associated with our monthly meetings.

·         The AiC has registered members representing over 85 universities teaching BIM worldwide.

Current Projects of the AiC:

·         BIM BOK 2.0 – The BIM BOK is over five years old and needs to be reviewed and updated. We will be seeking input from practitioners.

·         AiC Website – This website provides access to the material the AiC and its members developed.

·         Publishing a newsletter to encourage more exposure to the work of the AiC.

·         A compendium of universities teaching BIM and the courses that incorporate BIM. The compendium will be of value to both educators as well as potential students.

The AiC will soon have a GoFundMe page.

·         We need financial support and ask that you consider making a tax-free donation to the AiC so we can continue our efforts. Contributions are sought from practitioners, educators, and students.

Improving AECOO productivity begins with transforming education.

Help Support the Future of BIM Education for the Construction Industry

The AiC is a group of over eighty-five educators and practitioners seeking to improve life cycle-oriented BIM education in universities worldwide for seventeen years. We have found that there is far more to do than we currently have the resources for, so we are asking for your help as an educator, practitioner, or member of the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations, and Ownership (AECOO) industry.

Since 2006 we have developed a BIM Body of Knowledge and identified the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities needed for practitioners to implement BIM. The BIM BOK is the foundation of future curriculum development for all higher education promoting a life cycle approach to BIM. We have also written a book published by Wiley for educators to help them converge on a coordinated curriculum.

Your donation will help transform an educational system focused on individual practitioners into one promoting collaboration across the facility life cycle. If we don’t start with the next generation’s education, we may never improve construction industry productivity.

The burden for the individuals seeking to enact this change has reached a level where we have depleted our resources. Therefore, we are appealing for your support based on our successes to help us support and grow the effort.

We ask that you donate if you are interested in the construction industry’s future, whether it be planning, design, construction, operations, or maintenance. If you are a facility owner, we especially ask for your support as an improved construction industry will help improve all future facilities to meet your needs.

Please consider a tax-deductible gift of any amount or a monthly donation to support the future of the AECOO industry. 

You may also donate by sending a check to the address below. We will provide you with a receipt documenting your tax-deductible donation.