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2024 - 15th BIM Academic Symposium 

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    Call for Papers and Posters

    15th BIM Academic Symposium



    The Academic Interoperability Coalition is sponsoring its annual BIM Academic Symposium. 


    The papers will be viewed worldwide to further academic models and generate dialogue about the issues with the transformational disruption of changing the way we conduct research and educate students to support BIM and all the offshoot opportunities BIM is creating to improve productivity, data collection and long term-planning for resiliency.


    Researchers, academicians, students, and practitioners in the AECOO industry are invited to submit 8-page papers describing best practices, experiences, case studies, and research projects in one of the six topics listed below.


    Students of the built environment are invited to submit posters describing their research, academic projects, and practical experiences with BIM in the topical categories listed below.


    Topics to be addressed by papers and posters include:

    • BIM Education and Training
    • Use of AiC BIM BOK in Course Development
    • The Future of BIM 
    • BIM Use and Industry Case Studies
    • BIM and Smart Cities
    • BIM for Creating and Maintaining a Resilient Built Environment
    • BIM Data and Informatics for the Built Environment


    ·         Interested paper authors are invited to submit an abstract (500 words) by TBD to the organizing committee at:  Abstracts will be blind-reviewed. Space is limited, so the submission date of the abstract may be a determining factor in acceptance.

    • Notification of acceptance will be issued by TBD
    •    Full papers should be submitted by TBD
    • Notification for Presentations will be issued by TBD
    • To be included in the schedule, paper and poster presenters must register by TBD.
    • Final Papers, Copyright Releases, and Presentations will be due by TBD


    About the Academic Interoperability Coalition (AiC)

    The AiC is dedicated to creating a collaborative educational environment that integrates all aspects of the facility life cycle so that graduates have a comprehensive, broad-based understanding of the facilities industry while identifying a narrow focus area within which to specialize. Our mission is to identify and act upon issues related to transforming facilities education to meet the needs of a collaborative life cycle focused facilities industry in the information age. The primary product of the AiC is the BIM Body of Knowledge which is described in the book Developing BIM Talent: A Guide to the BIM Body of Knowledge with Metrics, KSA’s, and Learning Outcomes published by Wiley 2021.