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AiC BIM Body of Knowledge

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) Body of Knowledge (BOK) has been under development since 2015. It identified the knowledge, skills and, abilities needed to be successful in BIM. The information found on these pages provides background on the effort. We would like to hear from you concerning your education efforts as we transform education to meet the needs of the industry in the future. Please provide your input, feedback and, experiences through involvement in the AiC. 

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A session was held in 2015 in conjunction with the annual meeting. During that session, a list of BOK descriptions was identified.

The committee identified four Levels Of Implementation (LOI) based on the roles practitioners would play in implementing BIM. We then also looked at each description as far as the Role of the User (ROU), The Type Of Knowledge (TOK) was identified as to whether it was project-specific or organizational in nature. Finally, we looked at the Level of Performance (LOP) regarding what is expected of someone at the entry-level, mid-career level, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required at full-performance. 

The AiC BIM BOK Pocket Guide

A summary of the Entry Level Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities was prepared for the 13th BIM Academic Symposium & Job Task Review. Click the button below to download a copy.

Guide to AiC BIM BOK BOOK - Developing BIM Talent

A systematic Building Information Modeling (BIM) framework features cutting-edge use cases and competencies for students and professionals pursuing BIM careers.

Developing BIM Talent: A Guide to the BIM Body of Knowledge with Metrics, KSAs, and Learning Outcomes leads readers through the process of implementing a state-of-the-art BIM training and education program. Authored by a team of celebrated and highly qualified scholars and practitioners, this exciting new BIM education and workforce development guide offers a roadmap that navigates readers through the comprehensive BIM metrics and KSAs detailed in the BIM Body of Knowledge sponsored by the Academic Interoperability Coalition (AiC). Developing BIM Talent offers:

  • A solid foundation and guidelines for educators and practitioners for starting or enhancing a BIM curriculum or training program
  • Templates, expert interviews, and case studies that provide in-depth knowledge and lessons learned that can facilitate process changes and strategic action plans
  • Strategies for standardizing emerging BIM job tasks, descriptions, and methods for benchmarking performance

This guide to contemporary and comprehensive metrics of BIM competency is an essential resource for corporate trainers and instructors teaching BIM, human resources professionals charged with recruiting BIM talent, as well as leadership interested in credentialing and BIM certification programs.